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released December 22, 2015

Assuage is Kevin and Chau
with drums and percussion provided by
John O’ Reilly Jr.
at Boom Crash Drum Tracks
Find him at

Everything else by Assuage
Mixing by Assuage
Mastering by Landr

Assuage broadcasts in search of like-minded beings in hopes that these songs will synchronize and synergize with similar frequencies.
If you resound then please send something our way.
We’d love to see what you’re creating.

Find us at
Speak to us at
or on the usual social media outlets.

Thanks to our family, friends and everybody else who made this possible!



all rights reserved


Assuage Denver, Colorado

A melodic melange of musical styles to ease your mind for a while.

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Track Name: Another One
Intention: to overflow the borders,
To propagate the inside,
To congregate the outside
Antennae outbound

Eyelined horizons
Hide a world of mindful matters

Out-sound. All around.
We’ve Alpha found, Omega bound.

Attention: we’ve overthrown the orders.
Reconcentrate the inside,
Recompensate the outside
And try the unwind.

Skylined horizons
Hide a world of outside outward bound.

Essence a respirated amazement.
Intone a moment
And grow away.
Where you bbe I will flow.
Track Name: Major F
Meanwhile on the outside
Parallels entwine
Efferent bylines through
Effervescent minds.
Terminal designs,
Inferential binds
Wake in elation
An operational language that we find in the periphery.

Seven sighted eyes
The heavenseeker
Sedentary lives
Cast mind away through different dimensional time.

Come, if you want
I’ve got an after.

Sanguinary blinds
The never-seer
Cemetery silence
Traps mind away from different directional
Different dimensional time.

Timelines divide
Animals go wild
Lifetimes unravel
Through isolational travels.
Vertical inclines
Systematic blinds
I can’t imagine
An observational tangent and if you’re gone I’m on re-entering.

Come, if you want
I’ve got an after
If you roll it over I’m beyond at
Further down the line from up-and-at-‘em Mountain
and thinking out loud.
If you want
I’ve got an after
Into up-and-out-of-bounds
I get down and out
And I resound.
Track Name: The Rips
Effortless, efflorescent,
Endless verdant sea from which we
Breath a different device.

Long-lined maybe next time
But I didn’t come to get out alive.
Iter lives laid in outsized
No, I didn’t come to get out alive

I just want unbound.
Heart pounding
Up to the threshold and over
Into a valley of being
Aurora out and re-phoenix
Ensue unlimited meaning.

Time is ticking away from you.

Don’t look now it’s finally what you’ve always wanted all the while.
Well, I’ll fly an outlook I have only ever once imagined in my lifetime
Wide eyed
Don’t look down it’s finally what you’ve always wanted all the while.
Well, I’ll try and outlook I have only ever once imagined in my lifetime
Miles out my mind

Where time unwinds.

Effortless, efflorescent,
Endless verdant sea from which we breathe a new mind.

Long-lined maybe next time
But I didn’t come to get out alive.
Iter lives laid in outsized
No, I didn’t come to get out alive

I just want unbound.
Track Name: Infinite Abyss
Open over a scene of disorder
That groans so deep
Yet appears pristine.
Churn infinity oceans
Immerse emotions
And go always in all ways.

Know, when you go it’s alone.
My purpose is only to show a way

Off to the other side.
Oh, always if you’re gone a while!

But, not now.

Hold only those whom you know know.
Could you land if cut asunder?

Up and out from a sense of doubt
Not a thing you think is guaranteed.
Churn infinity oceans
Inverse emotions
And go always in all ways.
Track Name: Repeating
Gone my warm body on the line
I hold no more far away desires

Old, golden gardens growing over
I find an inside.
Cold, sober water on the rise
Inscribes and island.

Floating over often outside spinning away.

Call sign: Open Align

All my worn hollowed-in designs
Find no light in tourniquet survival.

Old, broken, bartered arteries of mine
Cut a mean line.
Unfettered weather blowing over
I divide the island.

Call sign: Open Align.
Track Name: Up!
Far away a while
An idle silence
And I’ve arrived to find

They’ve modernized our lives
To cauterize the inside
To organize the outside
They’ve colonized our islands.

First time in my life I could’ve smiled
Threadbare and wild
Cut away from the inside

Open horizons
Once in a lifetime
Undone confinement
I find their eyes.

They’ve modified our rights
To cauterize the inside
To codify our minds
They pollinate the skylines.

First time in a while I could’ve smiled
Bursting with life
Cut away from the inside out
Up and away.
Track Name: Six On A One Twenty-Seven
Diving out an open ocean line
Driving down a once-and-only-ever
Dialing out and open operation
Tying down an always adoration.

Dialing out an open operation
Whiling around a once-and-only-ever

-after land where I inclined to inquire
The island declines,
But I like the ride, the passing-me-bys
Inflect the horizon
Everything unwind.

Every skein that I divide
Just falls right back in time.
Oh, why don’t we jump a plane?
Take it up to the idles,
Crash down the rain.
Everything remade.

Dialing out…

Tying down and open air relation
Surviving now a once-and-only-ever.

I’m piling out!
Track Name: Insploration
Open-ocean aural explorer
Exploding into forests
Before us fluorescent
Bodies of light ignite

And rising through the sky

Collide into a binary entwining
In atmospheric intentions.
Intention: intensify another mind
Of gravitational matter-of-factness.
The truth is I’m illusional,
Elusive intrusion
Into a sustainable light.

I’m rising through the sky.

Entirely vibrational unwinding information
An everyday vacation if you want it.
An open invitation, a welcome to effort
In making sensations.

When time loses meaning and
Life runs in circles you
After reaction crawl
Back to the start and resound.

Open-ocean aural explorer
A rhythmic expeditionist.

Solitary sonic acknowledgement
The truth is so unusual
So you should always effort
Your affirmational light

And rise it through the sky.
Track Name: Acknowledge: Envelope
I am Infinite Abyss
Enveloping energies
Distilling dispersion,
Chaos, entropy
Purge ego emerge
Empy floating
Luminous velocity.

Perfect, only for the moment ‘til you realize it’s…

Out on the way too gone
We passed out after astral
Emergent inertia
A solid state design.

Everything open and out of your mind
Every so often to kill your desires.


Stronger, closer to the one
Creating me
Embellishing everything
Invigorate recursion
Inversion entity
Purge ego emerge
Empty floating
Always on the all around.